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Counter Appeal Marble Nails Made Easy: Water, Polish, Perfume, Presto!

Popular nail art looks change faster than a Twitter news feed, but one manicure and pedicure look that never goes out of style but remains unique is marble nails.


The metamorphic rock-inspired nail look adds instant class to any ensemble, and contrary to popular belief, marble nails are super simple to achieve on your own. In fact, creating marble nail art at home is as easy as counting to five.

The 5 Easy Steps To Perfect Marble Nails

  1. Apply Modge Podge or Vaseline to the skin surrounding your nails.
  2. Paint your nails in the base coat of your choice (white is recommended) and finish with a clear topcoat. 
  3. Wad up a small piece of clear plastic wrap, dab a bit of light gray nail polish (or any other color) on the plastic ball and gently dab it onto each nail, reapplying the polish onto the plastic wrap whenever it stops leaving color on your nails.
  4. Fill a cup with room temperature water, add a few drops of polish darker than your previous nail polish colors (a dark gray is a good choice for a real marble effect) and spray the water’s surface with perfume, which swirls the polish and creates a marble effect.
  5. One at a time, dip your nails into the water marble solution. And voila! With just five easy steps, you’ve got yourself gorgeous water marble nails any countertop would envy.

Check out some examples below for more marble mani inspiration, and then try the fun look on your own!

Kambra Clifford

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