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'Hot' Couture Alberta Ferretti’s New Mia Mule Is THE New It Shoe

Alberta Ferretti New Mia Mule Is The New It Shoe

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The 90s are definitely alive and well, as evidenced by the latest shoe everybody is talking about.

Say hello the delicately embroidered Mia mule by Alberta Ferretti, the brand’s first true signature piece of footwear that not only has begun to overshadow the Gucci slipper that was so popular last year, but is also creating quite a storm on social media sites.

The velvet shoes boast silk thread petal and foliage embellishments that require two full days of painstaking craftsmanship. Therefore, Mia mules don’t come cheap (each pair costs over $700 US dollars), but can you really put a price on fabulousness?

Check out a few Instagram snaps of the gorgeous shoes below.


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Kambra Clifford

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