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DIY Closet Hack Genius Closet Hack: How To Make Free Boot Shapers With Rolled Up Magazines

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Looking for an easy way to feel like you’ve accomplished a million things in a short amount of time? Well congratulations: It’s your lucky day and your search ends here! Your new genius closet hack: making your own free boot shapers with old, rolled up magazines.


How To Make DIY Magazine Boot Shapers

Whether you’re stacking your boots in a clean line for easy winter reach or packing them away for spring and summer, a super easy way to help them keep their shape and resist those dreaded boot slump lines is putting magazines inside. Simply roll up a couple of old issues you’ve already read into scroll shapes and fill each boot with your instant DIY boot shaper

Not only does this so-easy-granny-could-do-it idea save your boots, it helps organize your closet into a Pinterest or Facebook worthy shoe oasis, saves you from having to buy expensive cedar or plastic boot shapers, AND gives those last-season fashion tomes a second life. Bliss, right?!

Now dust off your shoulder, Accomplishment Master, and get back to doing the fun things you love — like sharing this post on Twitter, for instance! (wink, wink)

Kambra Clifford

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