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Wifey For Lifey Sophia Webster Coco Crystal Bridal Shoes Are INSANE

Sophia Webster Coco Crystal Bridal Shoes Are Insane

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It’s not a proper wedding without a killer pair or bridal shoes, and Sophia Webster is delivering the best to thousands of brides via her insanely coveted Coco Crystal bridal shoes.

The designer reveals that the ice blue pumps sell out “EVERY SINGLE TIME” she restocks them.

Perhaps they're so popular because they’re classically shaped with just the right amount of modern glamour, from the jewel stacked crystal ball heels, to the “wifey for lifey” secret message scrawled on the soles, to the barely there frosty tinting that makes choosing a bride’s “something blue” one of the easiest parts of wedding planning.

“The shoes lend themselves to Instagram,” Webster told The Telegraph of her shoe collection. “They are colorful and visual. I do design them to be photographed, and a lot of people do buy them because they will look so good in pictures."

Check out the shoes below, or start shopping on Sophia Webster's official website

Kambra Clifford

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