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Fun & Fragrant 7 DIY Foot Scrubs, Homemade With Ease

It’s easy to rub-a-dub-dub your way to soft and beautiful feet with these delicious homemade foot scrubs worthy of any top-rated spa.

DIY Foot Scrubs Homemade With Ease
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Life is hard, and there’s really no way to rub it better. Fortunately, the same doesn’t apply to your feet. When the going gets rough and your tootsies start to accumulate hard skin, cracks and calluses, all they really need to feel happy again is a little rub with a simple, homemade foot scrub.


Department store foot scrubs can cost a pretty penny, and spa treatments for your feet are even spendier. Throw into the mix that each person has different foot needs, and it’s a recipe for dry feet across the land. That’s where homemade foot scrubs come in. Not only are DIY scrubs incredibly cheap to whip up at home, they can be easily customized to fit each person’s individual foot care needs.

Every DIY foot scrub consists of two simple ingredients: a moisturizer, such as coconut oil, and an exfoliant, like sugar or salt. From there, everything but the kitchen sink can be mixed in to your foot scrub recipe, depending on your unique tastes and needs. The possibilities are endless, but don’t worry — we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorite homemade foot scrubs that will have your tootsies squeaky clean, soft, smelling great and feeling brand new again.

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Simply follow one of the recipes in the gallery above, spend a few minutes rubbing your homemade scrub onto tired, sore feet and rinse with warm water. Ta-da: Gorgeous feet you can feel proud to show off the entire year.

Foot scrub recipes included in the gallery: Brown Sugar & Olive Oil, Strawberry Sugar, Coconut Oil & Sea Salt, Rosemary, Rose Petal & Sugar, Lemon Almond, Pumpkin Pie Spice, and a Coffee & Oatmeal Pick Me Up.

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