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We all need to enjoy a little rest and relaxation every now and then, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) says relaxation techniques and therapies can even help manage a variety of health conditions. Relaxing your feet can relax your body and mind, and a number of foot exercises, breathing techniques and other activities can help reduce your pain and stress and lead to tranquility and mindfulness. 

Spring Break Beach Party
Feet Gone Wild
Common Spring Break Foot Hazards

These spring break tips will keep your feet safe and healthy, no matter your spring fling.

Ballerina Feet Footcare Routine
Pretty Ballerina
Watch What It Takes To Have Perfect Ballerina Feet

New York City Ballet dancer Lauren Lovette reveals the foot care routine she uses to keep her ballerina feet at the height of perfection.

Roller Skates On A Skating Rink
Stayin’ Alive
The Roller Coaster History of Roller Skating

Find out what happened to roller skating, the sport’s place in pop culture history, and 12 amusing tidbits about skates and roller skating.

Throw A Girls Night In Pedicure Party
Literally Nail Ladies Night
Throw A Girls Night In Pedicure Party

Staying in is the new going out, and this pedicure party is the ultimate way to follow the latest social trend.

Don't Touch Sign on Ticklish Feet
Wiggles and Giggles
Why Are Our Feet So Ticklish?

Let us tickle your fancy with the answers to why your feet are so sensitive to certain kinds of touches.

6 Convincing Reasons To Wear Slippers
Comfort Patrol
6 Awesome Reasons To Wear Slippers

Find out why wearing slippers just makes sense.

Ways to Warm Your Hands and Feet Without Turning the Heat On
Some Like It Hot
How To Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm Without A Heater

Warm up your hands and feet with these genius warming tips.

DIY Gifts Homeamde Presents For Feet
Homemade Wonders
DIY Gifts For The Feet

Your someone special is waiting for one of these DIY gifts made for their feet.

Quiz What's The Perfect Christmas Present For Your Feet
What’s The Perfect Foot Care Gift For You?

Which foot related gifts should go on your wish list this year? Take this quiz to find out.

7 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Feet This Holiday Season
Feet Treat
7 Holiday Foot Care Treats For Sore Feet

All the ways you can spoil your feet for the holidays.


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