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Bunion Basics 8 Mistakes Patients Make When Considering Bunion Surgery

Calling all bunion surgery candidates: A San Antonio podiatrist reveals the eight most common mistakes patients make when considering bunion surgery.

8 Mistakes Patients Make When Considering Bunion Surgery
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Thousands of people seek bunion treatment each year, with bunion surgery being one of the most sought after foot operations podiatrists deal with. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from bunions (aka hallux abducto valgus, which is when the big toe begins to shift toward the smaller toes and creates a painful, bony “bump” on the outer side of the big toe) make several mistakes when considering bunion surgery.


San Antonio Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon Ed Davis, who has over 25 years of experience, shares eight of the most common mistakes potential bunion surgery candidates make. His advice, which you can read by clicking through the gallery above, may mean the difference between an easy, painless bunionectomy or a complicated and expensive bunion removal surgery that leaves a patient with more bunion pain than when he or she started. 

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