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Bunion Basics Confusing A Bunion With Hallux Rigidus

8 Mistakes Patients Make When Considering Bunion Surgery
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Hallux Abducto Valgus Bunion



Bunions typically cause pain and a loss of range of motion in the big toe, but another condition called hallux rigidus, which is when long-term misalignment causes the cartilage on the big toe to wear out, can also cause these symptoms. “There are four recognized stages of hallux rigidus,” Dr. Davis points out. “The first two stages can be treated conservatively.  Fusion of the big toe joint may be utilized for severe hallux rigidus but there are now advanced procedures to restore normal big toe joint range of motion with cartilage substitutes.”

Dr. Davis can be contacted at his San Antonio, Texas office at 210-490-3668 or at

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