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Classic Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker Reinvents Carrie Bradshaw's Shoes

You’ll die when you see these new SJP Collection shoes by Sarah Jessica Parker, inspired by Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and available on Net-a-Porter.

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Anyone who ever judged Sex and the City’s shoe-obsessed character, Carrie Bradshaw, for wracking up $40,000 in debt on designer footwear or opening a wedding registry at luxe shoe store Manolo Blahnik may want to rethink their stance. After all, we’re pretty sure anyone — even former Carrie critics — would be willing to shell out 40 grand for the shoes in Sarah Jessica Parker’s new SJP footwear line completely inspired by her former portrayer.


When Parker first launched her shoe line in 2014, comparisons between the line and SATC were immediate. But this new collection, now available on, is directly inspired by some of Miss Bradshaw’s most beloved on-screen moments.

When fans of the classic HBO series see the cobalt blue satin Windsor pumps with a crystal buckle in SJP’s Net-a-Porter collection, they’ll instantly be transported to the scene in which Mr. Big proposed to Carrie in the first SATC film.

Meanwhile, the bright pink Carrie satin pumps in the new collection will have fans whistling “hello, lover,” just as Carrie did when she saw a similar pair in the window of Christian Louboutin.

"We've got a shoe for any woman, any occasion, and any weather forecast. Though perhaps satin in rain wasn't my brightest idea ..." Parker teased on Instagram. "Still pinching myself that we got to build this dazzling, exclusive capsule collection with the brilliant and meticulous #netaporter team. A real dream. And it doesn't end here."

Check out a few pics of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new SJP line as well as some classic Sex and the City moments in the gallery above, and then let us know on Facebook which iconic Carrie shoe moment you’d love see reinvented in SJP’s collection.     

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Kambra Clifford

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