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The world of feet is ever changing, and this is the place where you’ll find all the latest and greatest about your toes and soles. From late breaking news in the health and medical fields, to viral videos featuring feet, to noteworthy trends in the shoe and pedicure industry and beyond, this is where the current foot world is placed right at your feet. Don't forget to tweet, Facebook and Instagram your favorites! 

One Foot Wander Amputated Foot Instagram
One Foot Forward
Cancer Survivor Makes Amputated Foot Instagram Star

Find out how cancer survivor Kristi Loyall made the best of an amputated foot by creating the popular and quirky Instagram account One Foot Wander.

Crazy Nails Weird Strange Nail Art
WTF: For Real?
Crazy Nails That Will Blow Your Mind

Nail art has gotten so extreme, you just might spot these insanely crazy nails on someone you know.

Women Going For A Jog In The Wilderness
Sudden Springtime Activity Brings Rise In Foot And Leg Injuries

All that post-winter outdoor fun can lead to not-so-fun springtime foot injuries.

secret to injury free running unicorn related
Tread Lightly
The Secret To Injury Free Running Is …

A new study answers the mythical mystery of why some people are so much better at avoiding running injuries.

Birkenstock Iona Sleep System Bed Mattress
Shoe-Inspired Sleep System
Birkenstock Introduces Body Contour Mattresses

If your feet love Birkenstocks, wait until you lay your whole body on the company's new super comfortable line of beds and mattresses.

3 new inventions to drastically improve foot health in 2017
Technological Advancement
3 Inventions To Drastically Improve Foot Health In 2017

These technological advances have the potential to significantly improve foot health in 2017.

Guiseppe For Jennifer Lopez Shoe Collection
On The Floor
Jennifer Lopez Drops Gorgeous Shoe Collection

Jennifer Lopez has a new line of shoes in partnership with Guiseppe Zanotti, and the sparkly darlings will make you drool.

Airport Carpets Inspire New Line Of Socks
Walkin' On Air
Airport Carpets Inspire New Line of Socks

Airport carpets are becoming the next fashion trend, with a new line of socks inspired by the unique designs travelers tread on.

Experiment Proves You Can Taste Garlic With Your Feet
Strange But True
You Can Taste Garlic With Your Feet

Find out why garlic can be tasted by your feet.

Exec Socks Steps Up Mens Sock World With Monthly Delivery
Sock It To 'Em
Exec Socks Offers Monthly Men's Socks Delivery

It’s like Netflix for the sock world.


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