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The world of feet is ever changing, and this is the place where you’ll find all the latest and greatest about your toes and soles. From late breaking news in the health and medical fields, to viral videos featuring feet, to noteworthy trends in the shoe and pedicure industry and beyond, this is where the current foot world is placed right at your feet. Don't forget to tweet, Facebook and Instagram your favorites! 

The Copper And Rose Gold Sneakers That Broke The Internet
Metallic Kicks
These Copper + Rose Gold Sneakers Broke The Internet

These metallic beauties will stop your heart, but they're meant to get your heart pumping.

Cushioned Running Shoes May Increase Injuries
Athletic Shoe 411
Cushioned Running Shoes Increase Injuries

Minimalist shoes may be much better for runners, a new study shows.

Sarah Jessica parker Reinvents Beloved Carrie Bradshaw Shoes
Classic Carrie
Sarah Jessica Parker Reinvents Carrie Bradshaw's Shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker releases a capsule collection of shoes truly inspired by Carrie Bradshaw.

What It Means When You Seen Shoes On Power Lines
On The Line
Ever Seen Shoes On Power Lines? Here’s What It Means

We get to the bottom of what all those hanging shoes in your city mean.

Naboso Technology Barefoot Training Yoga Mat Get The Facts
Namaste Barefoot
Naboso Technology Barefoot Training Yoga Mat

All the facts on the Naboso Barefoot Training Yoga Mat.

Foot Selfie Taking Over Instagram Hashtag Feet Pictures
The Foot Selfie Is Taking Over Instagram (Hashtag Feet Pictures)

foot selfies - Instagrammers really love feet!

Henry Leutwyler Photobook Document Features Celebrity Shoes
Snap Decision
Henry Leutwyler’s Photobook Document Features Celebrity Shoes

Gene Kelly's worn out Converse and more are the focus of a new book by Henry Leutwyler.

Worlds Most Famous Dance Movies Get Epic Scene Mashup
Most Famous Dance Movies Get Epic Scene Mash Up

300 of the world's best dancing scenes compressed into a brilliant four minute video.

Celebrity Cat Honored With HIs Own Line Of Furry Shoes By Randa
Look What The Cat Dragged In
Celebrity Cat Honored With His Own Line Of Furry Shoes

This cat went from King of Instagram to King of Shoes.

Cole Haan Grand Revolution Line Redefines Dress Shoes
Top To Bottom Shoe Reinvention
Grand Revolution Line By Cole Haan Reinvents Dress Shoes

Cole Haan has transformed traditional dress shoes for the better.


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