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Look What The Cat Dragged In Celebrity Cat Honored With His Own Line Of Furry Shoes

Celebrity Cat Honored With HIs Own Line Of Furry Shoes By Randa

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It doesn't matter how many cat-themed items you may own, nothing scratches the surface so to speak when you take into account Japanese shoe company Randa’s new line of furry footwear.

The quirky shoes pay homage to a cat named Mash, an Instagram celebrity cat who boasts over 180,000 kitty-obsessed followers who can’t get enough photos of him playing with toys, yawning, and lounging on pillows.

The new footwear line includes fake-fur flats and pumps that match Mash’s own fluffy fur, each with a cat footprint on the sole. But the most kittylicious pair from Randa’s cat collection is a pair of kitten heels (no pun intended) that incorporate a toy version of Mash’s face on the side.


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Getting your paws on Mash’s line of Randa shoes may be a cat-and-mouse game, however. You’ll either need to visit Randa stores in Japan or try your luck ordering online through a proxy. But considering how unique these babies are, there’s no time to be a scaredy cat!

Kambra Clifford

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