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The World At Your Feet

Did you know that teens in China take selfies with their toes? How about the fact that the very first Instagram photo was actually of the founder’s flip-flop laden tootsies? These are just a few of the toe’tally weird but true things in the world of all things feet. For more foot and toe strangeness, check out the fun articles listed below or type “The World At Your Feet” into the search bar above.

Perfect Feet According To Men
Modern Cinderella
Man’s Perfect Woman Has This Type of Foot

Men have a shoe size, shoe type and nail polish color they prefer on the female physical attractiveness scale.

How To Wear Toe Rings
Foot Jewelry
How To Wear A Toe Ring

Here’s how to wear a toe ring in a current, stylish, and comfortable way.

One Foot Wander Amputated Foot Instagram
One Foot Forward
Cancer Survivor Makes Amputated Foot Instagram Star

Find out how cancer survivor Kristi Loyall made the best of an amputated foot by creating the popular and quirky Instagram account One Foot Wander.

Experiment Proves You Can Taste Garlic With Your Feet
Strange But True
You Can Taste Garlic With Your Feet

Find out why garlic can be tasted by your feet.

Rub Vicks VapoRub On Your Feet For A Better Cough Cure
Cold Cures
Wanna Cure A Cough? Use Vicks On Your FEET

Looking for a better cough cure? Try rubbing Vicks VapoRub on your feet rather than your chest.

Quiz What's The Perfect Christmas Present For Your Feet
What’s The Perfect Foot Care Gift For You?

Which foot related gifts should go on your wish list this year? Take this quiz to find out.

Feet Treat Holiday Foods That Boost Foot Health
Cheers To Your Health
These Holiday Foods Boost Foot Health — Really!

Here's how a holiday feast truly benefits your foot health.

What It Means When You Seen Shoes On Power Lines
On The Line
Ever Seen Shoes On Power Lines? Here’s What It Means

We get to the bottom of what all those hanging shoes in your city mean.

8 Healthy Reasons To Walk In The Rain
A Rainy Walk
8 Healthy Reasons To Walk In The Rain

Don't let a drizzle rain on your walking parade.

Henry Leutwyler Photobook Document Features Celebrity Shoes
Snap Decision
Henry Leutwyler’s Photobook Document Features Celebrity Shoes

Gene Kelly's worn out Converse and more are the focus of a new book by Henry Leutwyler.


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