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The World At Your Feet

Did you know that teens in China take selfies with their toes? How about the fact that the very first Instagram photo was actually of the founder’s flip-flop laden tootsies? These are just a few of the toe’tally weird but true things in the world of all things feet. For more foot and toe strangeness, check out the fun articles listed below or type “The World At Your Feet” into the search bar above.

Channing Tatum Gives His Wife A Pedicure, Women Everywhere Fall In Love
Channing Tatum Gives Wife A Pedicure And It Is EVERYTHING

Sexy Magic Mike star Channing Tatum left women everywhere swooning when he played nail tech and helped out during his wife’s pedicure.

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Still Has Sore Feet 3 Months After His Year In Space
Space Case
Astronaut Still Has Sore Feet 3 Months After His Year In Space

Traveling to space does strange things to one's feet.

Sex Themed Brazilian Amusement Park Erotikaland Foot Fetish
Foot Fetish Fantasy?
Sex-Themed Amusement Park Planned For Brazil

ErotikaLand, a new adults-only theme park, is set to give a whole new meaning to thrill rides.

Women Sitting On Couch Watching Sad Soap Opera Scene
Drama, Drama, Drama
Coronation Street's Alison King Says Show Ruined Her Feet

Foot pain is worse than broken marriages, alcoholism, crashes and fires for this soap opera actress.

Colorful Converse Sneakers On A Sidewalk
Blast From The Past
Return of Retro Styles Causes Athletic Shoe Industry To Boom

Classic sneakers from former decades become a huge hit.

Woman's Feet In The Grass Next To A Cell Phone And Laptop
Look Ma, No Hands!
The Selfie Obsession Is Getting Out Of Hand — Literally

One-footed selfies have taken the Internet by storm.

Footfiles Foot Fact American Foot Problems
Feet Quotes, Facts and Sayings: Foot Inspiration

A complete collection of inspirational info and quotes about feet.

The Benefits of Foot Cuddling
Love Notes
How Touching Feet Improves Relationships

Touching toes in bed is a sign of a strong, romantic bond.


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