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The world of feet is ever changing, and this is the place where you’ll find all the latest and greatest about your toes and soles. From late breaking news in the health and medical fields, to viral videos featuring feet, to noteworthy trends in the shoe and pedicure industry and beyond, this is where the current foot world is placed right at your feet. Don't forget to tweet, Facebook and Instagram your favorites! 

Colorful Converse Sneakers On A Sidewalk
Blast From The Past
Return of Retro Styles Causes Athletic Shoe Industry To Boom

Classic sneakers from former decades become a huge hit.

Doctor and Patient Giving A Thumbs Up Sign
Health News
CDC Reports Diabetes Diagnoses Rates Are Declining

Fewer people are being diagnosed with diabetes from year to year.

Woman's Feet In The Grass Next To A Cell Phone And Laptop
Look Ma, No Hands!
The Selfie Obsession Is Getting Out Of Hand — Literally

One-footed selfies have taken the Internet by storm.


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