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The world of feet is ever changing, and this is the place where you’ll find all the latest and greatest about your toes and soles. From late breaking news in the health and medical fields, to viral videos featuring feet, to noteworthy trends in the shoe and pedicure industry and beyond, this is where the current foot world is placed right at your feet. Don't forget to tweet, Facebook and Instagram your favorites! 

Channing Tatum Gives His Wife A Pedicure, Women Everywhere Fall In Love
Channing Tatum Gives Wife A Pedicure And It Is EVERYTHING

Sexy Magic Mike star Channing Tatum left women everywhere swooning when he played nail tech and helped out during his wife’s pedicure.

easyJet Vibrating GPS Shoes Called Sneakairs Could Help Travelers With Sightseeing
Walk This Way
Vibrating GPS Shoes Make Sightseeing Easy

Vibrating GPS shoes make sightseeing a breeze.

Horrifying Viral Photo Of Toddler Jelly Shoes Bloody Feet
Parenting Tips
Horrifying Photo Has Jelly Shoe Safety In Question

Jelly shoes allegedly leave a toddler's foot a bloody mess.

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Still Has Sore Feet 3 Months After His Year In Space
Space Case
Astronaut Still Has Sore Feet 3 Months After His Year In Space

Traveling to space does strange things to one's feet.

Podiatrists Warn Crocs Are Really Bad For Your Feet
Sandal Savvy
Podiatrists Warn Crocs Are Bad For Your Feet

Believe it or not, Crocs are super unhealthy for your feet.

Woman Wearing Glasses Surprised By Something On Her Computer
Strange Sole: Japanese Furoshiki Wrap Shoes Emerge

Minimalist footwear gets a whole new package.

Prosthetic Foot Developed For High Heel Use
New Inventions
Prosthetic Foot Developed For High Heel Use

An adjustable ankle allows this new prosthetic foot to adapt to high heels and other shoes.

Adidas German Speed Factory Robot
Speedy Made
Adidas Replaces Workers w/ Shoe Robots

Athletic shoe and sportswear company Adidas has unveiled a new factory in Germany that uses robots rather than humans in Asia to make shoes.

Children In The Classroom
Barefoot Brain Power
Kids With No Shoes On "Do Better" In Classroom

Kids who leave their shoes off in the classroom have better academic achievement, a new study finds.

Women Sitting On Couch Watching Sad Soap Opera Scene
Drama, Drama, Drama
Coronation Street's Alison King Says Show Ruined Her Feet

Foot pain is worse than broken marriages, alcoholism, crashes and fires for this soap opera actress.


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