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Brannock Device

The Brannock Device is a foot measuring device designed by Charles Brannock in 1927. It is the standard of measuring in the footwear industry and is currently the best way to determine the true size of one’s feet. 


Widely sought by shoe stores in the 1930s and used by the Army during World War II to ensure boots and shoes properly fit the enlisted men, the sturdy metal Brannock Device helps you determine three specific foot measurements: your heel toe length, your foot width and your ball to heel length. The device boasts a 95% percent accuracy rate in these measurements. 


Brannock oversaw his shoe measuring device company until his death in 1993. The company was then purchased by Sal Leonardi under the agreement that the Brannock Device not be cheapened or changed. However, since the exchange, the company has begun releasing customized models and has toyed with the idea of releasing a digital version of the classic model. 


To find out how to correctly use a Brannock device the next time you go shoe shopping, check out our article: How To Properly Measure Your Feet For A Perfect Fit Every Time

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