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Children’s Foot Health

Foot health is important in all human beings, but it is especially important in children. The human foot is made up of over 26 bones, and because children’s feet are soft, pliable and still developing, they are vulnerable to many injuries, diseases and conditions that can cause deformities and trouble with regular movement.


When treating foot problems in children, it’s important for parents to remember that a child’s foot is not the same as an adult’s foot. Children’s feet are actively growing, so all foot health choices and corrective footwear (orthopedic and therapeutic shoes) should be discussed with a doctor or podiatrist.


Some common foot conditions that affect children include Sever’s disease, flat feet, clubfoot, in-toeing (sometimes called pigeon toes), out-toeing, ankle weakness and foot deformities.


Check out our Children’s Foot Care section for complete coverage on all topics related to kids’ feet.

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