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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that uses crystals and gemstones to manipulate bodily energy, assist in healing and protect the body from disease and infection.


Proponents of crystal healing say the gemstones act as conduits that direct positive, healing energy into the body while at the same time direct negative, disease-causing energy out of the body. The idea is somewhat similar to acupuncture, a traditional Chinese method that involves poking the body with tiny, hair-like needles to stimulate and direct energy flow in the body.


Though crystal healing is often used in spas and holistic centers around the world, there is no scientific evidence that healing crystals can help or cure any disease or bodily problem. However, studies have shown crystal healing may create a placebo effect with some patients, which can actually help a person feel better. Some foot issues that may benefit from crystal healing include general foot soreness, swelling, bone fractures, fungal infections and numbness. 

Crystal Healing For Your Feet And Beyond
Relief Carved In Stone?
Crystal Healing For Your Feet And Beyond

Here's why you might want to try uber popular crystal healing to help your foot issues.