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Relief Carved In Stone? Crystal Healing For Your Feet And Beyond

Explore the magical world of crystal healing and learn which healing crystals are the best for your feet and various foot issues. 

Crystal Healing For Your Feet And Beyond
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For a list of healing crystals thought to be most beneficial for the feet, click through the gallery.


Crystal healing has been practiced around the world for centuries, but the belief that stones, crystals and gems have magical healing powers is a health concept that is currently taking sites like Pinterest and Instagram by storm. Searches for healing crystals have risen by over 1000 percent in recent months, making the alternative medicine technique quite a hot topic in holistic health circles. But how exactly can crystals and other similar elements improve your health? And which healing stones are most beneficial for healing problems related to your feet? We’re delving deep into the magical world of gemstones to find out. 

What Is Crystal Healing And How Does It Work?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that uses crystals, stones and gems to cure various ailments as well as protect the body from disease. Practitioners believe that positive, healing energy is transferred through the gemstones and into the body, while negative, disease-causing energy is transferred out. The idea is similar to acupuncture, which uses hair-like needles to stimulate and control energy flow within the body. 

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As with many other popular natural healing techniques, medical doctors and scientists view crystal healing as pseudoscience. There is no scientific evidence that crystals, stones and gems are able to heal the body or boost the immune system. However, natural health proponents swear by healing crystals, and they’re used in spas and holistic health clinics around the world. 

Which Crystals Are Best For The Feet

Crystal healing proponents believe that each stone has various healing properties and benefit the body in different ways. For example, green aventurine is said to help the heart, while amethyst is thought to be beneficial for the intestines. A crystal healing session therefore entails the crystal healer placing a stone that corresponds to the patient’s health problems on specific areas of the body (usually the forehead, throat, chest, stomach/gut and genital area). For foot issues, experts recommend taping the stones to the bottom of the feet and covering with socks just before bed.

For a list of healing crystals that help your feet, click through the gallery. 

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