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Foot Pain

Foot pain is a common problem experienced by a wide range of people. However, though millions of people complain about arch, ball, heel and toe pain on a daily basis, the condition is anything but normal. 


There’s no such thing as everyday aches and pains, just as there’s no such thing as growing pains. All foot pain issues should be checked out by a qualified podiatrist or foot and ankle doctor.


“Foot pain, in most cases, is not normal. Individuals with pain should be evaluated by a podiatrist to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment options for foot health," says Jane Anderson, DPM, a podiatric physician and surgeon and past president of the American Association for Women Podiatrists. "A visit to a podiatrist should be first on the list, prior to a trip to the local drugstore or Internet site to purchase insoles [or other pain relief options]."


In the meantime, you can try identifying the cause of your foot pain by checking out the list below. Click on each common cause of foot pain to find out more about the condition, including its causes, symptoms and typical treatments. 


Accessory Navicular Syndrome
Achilles tendonitis 
Bone fractures
Bone spurs
Diabetic foot issues
Heel fissures
High arch foot
Ingrown toenails
Morton’s neuroma
Plantar fasciitis 
Plantar warts 
Subungual hematoma 
Trigger points






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