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Diabetic Foot Care

Proper foot care is important for everybody, but it is especially important for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The disease tends to damage nerves and reduce blood flow to the lower extremities, which leads to the loss of sensation and the ability to feel pain. That means that diabetics who practice poor foot care may not notice that they have a sore on an infection, meaning seemingly simple conditions like ingrown toenails, ulcers, corns, calluses and minor foot injuries could lead to the requirement of orthotics or even the amputation of a limb.


Luckily, proper diabetic foot care is quite simple once you know the basics. You can find a variety of articles to help you with diabetic foot maintenence as well as fixing and avoiding potential health problems created by diabetes in our Diabetic Foot Care section. 

Girls Laying In the Park Barefoot On A Blanket
Brain Shower
Springtime Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

This season-specific foot care guide is a spring fling worth having.

4 Scary Health Effects Sugar Has On Your Feet
Too Sweet
How Sugar Is Slowly Killing Your Feet

You may be surprised at the ways sugar is affecting your foot health.

Winter Foot Care for Diabetics
Hot Tips
Winter Foot Care for Diabetics

Find out how diabetics can keep foot temperature just right during the winter season.

New Siren Care Smart Socks Track Diabetic Foot Health
Diabetic Care
New “Smart” Socks Monitor Diabetic Foot Health

Millions of diabetic patients may be able to benefit from the new Siren Care Smart Socks for diabetic foot issues.

Feet Treat Holiday Foods That Boost Foot Health
Cheers To Your Health
These Holiday Foods Boost Foot Health — Really!

Here's how a holiday feast truly benefits your foot health.

Healthy Foot Tips For Aging Adults And Seniors
Foot 411
Healthy Foot Tips for Aging Adults And Seniors

Find out which foot changes are a normal part of growing older and which foot changes could mean you’re facing a serious health issue.

Diabetic Foot Disease Costing Patients Hospitals Millions
Health News
Diabetic Foot Disease Costing Patients And Hospitals Millions

Preventing diabetic foot disease is more important than you might think.

Surgeons Performing a Foot Operation
Foot 911
Dangerous Diabetes Foot Condition Puzzles Doctors

Cases of the once rare foot disorder Charcot foot are rising, but many diabetes health care providers don't know much about it.

Tap Water May Be A Miracle Cure For Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Health News
Tap Water May Be A Miracle Cure For Diabetic Foot Wounds

Could water be the solution for diabetic foot issues?

Reduce And Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy Pain
Nerves of Steel
10 Ways To Reduce And Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Taking warms baths and controlling blood sugar are just two ways you can eliminate diabetes related pain.


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