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Diabetic Care Siren Care Smart Socks Help Monitor Diabetic Foot Health

New Siren Care Smart Socks Track Diabetic Foot Health

Diabetic patients worried about the health of their feet may be able to breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the new Smart Socks by Siren Care. The technologically advanced socks use temperature sensors to monitor and track potential diabetic foot issues like inflammation, ulcers and other injuries that often leave diabetic patients bedridden and facing limb amputation. 


How Siren Smart Socks Can Help Prevent Diabetic Foot 

Diabetes diagnosis rates may be on the decline in the United States, but diabetic foot issues that come along with the blood sugar disease are running rampant. Millions of diabetics struggle with neuropathy, ulcers, sores, numbness and other issues with their feet that frequently lead to patients having to stay bedridden for months at a time or, in severe cases, having to get a foot amputated. In fact, foot ulcers are the most common reason diabetic patients are hospitalized each year, with 1.5 million ulcers occurring annually. 25% of those ulcers don’t heal, leading to over 100,000 foot amputations per year.

Sadly, many of these diabetic foot problems and amputations are preventable — but many patients don’t know the signs and symptoms to look out for, or they suffer from a lack of sensation in the feet and legs that prevent them from noticing early warning signs. That’s where Siren Care Smart Socks step in. 

Diabetic foot skin inflammation causes body temperature to rise in the affected location. Siren Care Smart Socks have temperature sensors woven into the fabric that monitor foot temperature and catch temperature rises early — before a sore or ulcer develops. The alerts happen instantly and are sent to the sock wearer’s smartphone, which gives patients a sense of security and peace of mind. According to the company, research has shown that up to 72% of foot ulcers are preventable through temperate monitoring such as the tracking provided by Siren Care Siren Care Smart Socks.

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How To Wear And Care For Siren Smart Socks

Each pair of Siren Smart Socks is equipped with a battery meant to last a full six months without the need for charging. The socks are only “on” when you’re wearing them and instantly go into sleep mode when you take them off. They’re also completely machine washable and are built to withstand a full six months of normal sock wear and tear. 

How To Order Siren Care Smart Socks

The socks — created by San Francisco residents Henk Jan Scholten, Ran Ma and Jie Fu — are currently available for pre-order at Siren Care. For more information, check out the video on Siren Care Smart Socks below or visit the Siren Smart Sock’s official website. 

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