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Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic stretches are stretches that take the muscles and joints through their full range of motion — you move the specific body part you’re stretching during the stretch. Examples include shoulder circles, arm swings, lunges, straight-leg stretches for the hips and hamstrings, and light leg kicks. 


Dynamic warm-ups and exercises have become extremely popular in recent years and are typically included in any athlete’s routine. Static stretching (stretches which require holding the stretch in a motionless position for several seconds) was formerly the most popular form of stretching in the dance and sports worlds, but studies have shown that dynamic stretches do better in decreasing and preventing injuries as they are more effective at muscle conditioning and reducing muscle stiffness.


Dynamic stretching has several benefits including “waking up” and activating the muscles used during your workout, improving your range of motion, improving your flexibility and improving your muscular performance. 

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