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Foot Bath

A footbath is a medical or cosmetic procedure in which the feet are placed in warm water, mud or other substances for the purpose of cleansing, warming, soothing and detoxifying the feet. Footbaths, also called foot soaks, have numerous health benefits, including decreasing stress, relieving pain, improving blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.


Foot baths can be done at the spa or at home with plastic tubs. In addition, many electronics companies like Homedics, Conair and Brookstone make special foot tubs for home use, sometimes with built in massagers in the tub for the ultimate water foot massage.


Adding things like Epsom salt, herbs, invigorating citric fruits and essential oils to foot soaks can help heal and ease a number of ailments, including toenail fungus, bacterial infections, muscle tension, cramps, pelvic pain, arthritis, rheumatoid pains and headaches. Some types of footbaths, a fish pedicure or a fangotherapy mud bath for example, have been said to help cure certain diseases like bromodosis (stinky feet), psoriasis and eczema.


In-Depth Information About Footbaths


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