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Scrub-A-Dub Love Ultra Sexy Spa Treatments For Couples

Sexy couples spa treatments like at-home foot baths and pedicures are tantalizing ways for partners to build intimacy, strengthen a relationship and have mind-blowing fun.
Ultra Sexy Spa Treatments For Couples And Intimacy Building
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Looking to have a steamy good time with your partner and perhaps strengthen your bond while you’re at it? Skip the skinny-dipping and try a couples spa treatment, instead. Whether it’s a luxuriously long bubble bath, a mind-blowing body scrub, a sensual pedicure or a even a therapeutic “sole mate” foot massage, the following relationship building spa treatments you can do at home are guaranteed to boost intimacy, leave you ultra uninhibited and perhaps even save a rocky marriage.


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Expert “Before You Begin” Bath Time Tip: Set the scene for your serene couples spa day with candles, soothing music and possibly even a bottle of bubbly. And don't forget to turn off your phones so your attention is solely focused on pleasuring each other during the luxurious and super sensuous experience.

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Kambra Clifford

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