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A massage is a practice that involves using the hands, mechanical aids or other means to rub and apply pressure to key points on the body. Massage can be done for a variety of reasons, including to promote relaxation and wellbeing, to help with pain or injuries and for sexual pleasure. There are many different types of massage techniques that are practiced all around the world. A foot massage can positively affect the more than 7,000 nerves in each human foot, creating a pleasurable, relaxing feeling in the feet and possibly the whole body. Foot massages can also help relieve pain associated with disorders like bunions, plantar fasciitis and hammertoes

Sports Massage Facts When To Get One What It Is
Massage Techniques
Sports Massage Facts: What It Is, When To Get One

A sports massage isn’t just for athletes. The invigorating, healing massage technique helps treat chronic muscle pain and can assist in healing injuries.

Sweep You Off Your Feet Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Labor Of Love
Truly Spectacular DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Why not be at the feet of your lover this February with one of these amazing DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Foot Massage Techniques From Ah to Zzz
A Complete Foot Rub Guide
Foot Massage Techniques From Ah To Zzz

Your complete guide to various foot massage techniques and their individual healing powers.

Foot Reflexology 101
Mind And Body
Foot Reflexology 101

All the basics you need to know to get started with foot reflexology.

DIY Gifts Homeamde Presents For Feet
Homemade Wonders
DIY Gifts For The Feet

Your someone special is waiting for one of these DIY gifts made for their feet.

7 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Feet This Holiday Season
Feet Treat
7 Holiday Foot Care Treats For Sore Feet

All the ways you can spoil your feet for the holidays.

Top 7 Most Relaxing Hotel Spa Foot Treatments Royal Mansour Marrakech
Worldwide Wellness
Top 7 Most Relaxing Hotel Spa Foot Treatments

The world's best hotel spa foot treatments.

Ultra Sexy Spa Treatments For Couples And Intimacy Building
Scrub-A-Dub Love
Ultra Sexy Spa Treatments For Couples

These bath time rituals are guaranteed to bring you closer.

How Mayofascial Trigger Point Therapy Cures Pain And Injuries
Knot’s Landing
How Mayofascial Trigger Point Therapy Cures Pain

The cure for stiff, painful muscle knots.

Woman Using An At-Home Massage Device
Shopping Tips
How To Find The Right Foot Massage Device For You

Find out what to look for when buying at-home foot massagers.


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