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Foot Baths

To achieve healthy and happy feet, footbaths are a must. For a spa worthy soak that rivals your latest pedicure, a variety of at-home footbath and foot soak options are available. 

Super Yummy Foot Soaks To Nourish Dry Skin
Delicious DIY Foot Soaks
Yummy Foot Soaks That Nourish Dry Skin

Is it weird to say footbaths never tasted so good?

Flower Milk Bath For Legs And Feet
Milky Dreams
Why You Should Give Your Feet A Milk Bath

Spoil your feet with this softening milk bath, and you’ll see why everyone is making a fuss over milk foot soaks.

The Beer Foot Soak That Totally Transforms Feet
This Beer Foot Soak Totally Transforms Feet

Find out how beer can instantly soften and nourish your feet.

Warming Winter Foot Soaks
Cold Feet Treat
Warming Winter Foot Soaks

These cold weather footbaths are hot, hot, hot.

Homemade Foot Soaks
DIY Guide
Homemade Foot Soaks

All you need to know to make the ultimate DIY foot bath.

Benefits of Fangotherapy Mud Baths
Mud Buddies
Why Bathing in Mud Is Oh-So Good For You

Find out why you should strip down and get dirty for a fangotherapy mud bath.

Couple Indulging In Hydrotherapy Foot Baths
Water Therapy
Hydrotherapy: Benefits Of Contrast Foot Baths

Discover the benefits of hydrotherapy, a treatment that uses hot and cold water to stimulate healing.

8 Essential Additions That Boost Your DIY Foot Soaks
Splish Splash
8 Essential Additions That Boost DIY Foot Soaks

Rev up the healing power of your foot soaks with these foot bath necessities.

Healing Powers of Foot Soaks
Practical Soak
The Healing Benefits of Foot Baths: Ultimate Tranquility

Immerse your feet in a hot bath to heal colds, pelvic pain, headaches and more.

Feet Covered in a Homemade Mud Bath Treatment
Dirt For Hurt
DIY Mud Baths For Ultimate Detoxification and Healing

Here's how to use bentonite clay, Epsom salts, cocoa and more for DIY homemade mud baths that detox, heal and create an inexpensive soothing spa experience.


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