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Cosmetic Foot Care

The wellbeing of your feet starts with cosmetic foot care, which includes pedicures, callus removal, moisturizing and properly taking care of toenails, cuts and tough, dry skin. In extreme cases, laser treatments and surgeries are cosmetic foot care procedures that may be needed to get your toes and soles fit and pain free. No matter your needs, you'll find it here. 

What Are Those White Spots On My Nails?
Seeing Spots
What Are Those White Spots On My Nails?

Find out what’s really causing those little white marks on your fingernails and toenails.

What Are The Different Types Of Pedicures, And Which Pedicure Options Are Best
Pedicure Options
What Are The Different Types Of Pedicures; Which Is Best?

We break down your pedicure options, from athletic, fish, ice cream pedicures and beyond.

Woman getting a medical pedicure
Money Matters
How Much Should I Tip For A Pedicure?

Take our two cents when it comes to tootsie tip tactics.

8 Life Changing Beauty Hacks That Give Lazy Girls Pretty Feet
Hack Attack
8 Life Changing Beauty Hacks For Pretty Feet

Easy peasy tricks to give even the laziest girls gorgeous feet.

5 Tropical Fruit Fixes For Corns Calluses Heel Fissures and Dry Skin
Sweet Treat
5 Tropical Fruit Fixes for Calluses, Corns and Heel Fissures

These tropical fruit remedies will clear up corns, calluses and heel fissures faster than you can make a smoothie.

naturally pretty feet with French pedicure
Beauty Tips
7 Simple Steps for Naturally Pretty Feet

Here's how to get your feet looking perfectly pretty in no time.

Woman with bare nails lying in a hammock on the beach
Beauty Myth Busted
Nails Don’t Need to Breathe But Still Need Polish Breaks

That whole thing about giving your nails some air is just an old wives tale.

Man Receiving A Pedicure, How To Grow Healthy Toenails
On Your Toes
10 Tips For Growing Healthy Toenails

Find out how to get clear, shiny and strong toenails with just a few simple steps.

Woman In Boat With Anchor Foot Tattoo
Ink About It
Hands Down, Spring Is The Best Season To Get A Foot Tattoo

Considering a foot tat? Make like a bear and wait until springtime.

Barefoot Couple In A Field Of Spring Flowers
Hello, Sunshine
A 5-Day Plan To Give Your Feet A Bright Spring Debut

Happy and healthy springtime feet are just a few days away.


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