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Children's Foot Care

Just like with adults, foot care for children is vital to their health and wellbeing. But caring for kids’ feet isn’t exactly the same as caring for your own feet. Their delicate toes and soles are still growing and therefore require special attention and proper shoes. Children also experience unique foot disorders, including Sever’s disease, flatfoot, in-toeing (pigeon foot) and other deformities that often require exams and treatment by podiatrists or orthopedic surgeons. 

Girls Laying In the Park Barefoot On A Blanket
Brain Shower
Springtime Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

This season-specific foot care guide is a spring fling worth having.

Teen Boy Doing A Skateboard Trick
Shove It
How To Kick Skateboarding Injuries To The Curb

Keep the skateboard tricks coming without shredding your feet and ankles.

Kids Health: How To Combat Smelly Feet On Babies and Children
Don’t Make A Stink
Kids Health: How To Combat Smelly Feet On Children

Effective home remedies that fight against kids’ foot odor.

Foot Gymnastics For Kids: Fun Exercises and Games
Kicks & Tricks
Gymnastics Games That Strengthen Kids’ Feet

Foot gymnastics for kids is both fun and healthy!

Mom Cutting A Baby's Toenails
Infant Care
How To Cut Your Baby’s Nails

The ultimate guide to trimming infant fingernails and toenails.

Spotting and Preventing Ingrown Toenails On Babies and Children
Tiny Foot Problems
Treating Ingrown Toenails on Babies and Children

Learn the best ways to spot and treat baby and child ingrown toenails.

Socklings Children's Sock Grow With Baby
Shopping Tips
Socklings Children’s Socks Grow With Baby

Find out why parents are raving about these genius socks that fit both babies and adults.

Toddler Toe Walking Usually Not A Sign of More Serious Problem
Growing Pains
Toe Walking Usually Not A Sign Of Autism And Other Problems

Swedish study finds the majority of children outgrow toe walking and it's usually not linked to autism.

How To Keep Your Baby's Feet Warm Enough Ultimate Guide
Baby Foot Care
How To Keep Your Baby’s Feet Warm

Like Goldilocks, your baby's foot temperate shouldn't be too hot or too cold, but rather just right.

Child Wearing a Foot Brace
Corrective Brace Wear
Tips To Help Kids Adjust To Ankle And Leg Braces

Routine and playtime are key when it comes to getting babies and toddlers used to corrective brace wear.


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