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Children's Foot Care

Just like with adults, foot care for children is vital to their health and wellbeing. But caring for kids’ feet isn’t exactly the same as caring for your own feet. Their delicate toes and soles are still growing and therefore require special attention and proper shoes. Children also experience unique foot disorders, including Sever’s disease, flatfoot, in-toeing (pigeon foot) and other deformities that often require exams and treatment by podiatrists or orthopedic surgeons. 

The Soothing Benefits of Infant Foot Massage
Tender Touch
The Soothing Benefits of Infant Foot Massage

Find out how calming massage and reflexology techniques lead to a more peaceful baby.

Infant Socks
Barefoot Babies
Are Socks Good or Bad For Newborns?

Dr. Seuss put a fox in socks, but should your newborn baby being wearing socks, as well?

Little baby feet
Baby Care
Why Does My Baby Have Spoon Shaped Nails?

Find out if the shape of your infant’s nails is normal.

Children's Foot Care
Parenting Tips
How to Spot Foot Problems In Kids

Find out how to recognize the signs of childhood foot problems early on and whether or not the symptoms call for medical attention.


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