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Believe it or not, the feet really are the health center of the body. Many serious diseases and health conditions show their first signs and symptoms on the feet. Conversely, proper foot maintenance is extremely important when one already has certain illnesses, such as diabetes. So here’s all you need to know about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of foot disorders, from achilles tendonitis to plantar warts, bunions to toenail fungus and everything in between.

Sweaty Feet Cures
Don't Sweat It
Easy Ways to Stop Sweaty Feet in Their Tracks

A slip-n-slide is for the backyard, not everywhere you put your foot.

Stinky Feet Cures
Smell Ya Later
How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet Once and For All

Kick foot odor to the curb with these easy steps.

Black Toenail Causes Treatment Grow Out Facts
Toenail Health
Black Toenail Causes, Treatment and Grow Out Facts

Find out what causes black toenails, how long discolored nails take to grow out and how to prevent black toenails from occurring.

going barefoot benefits anti-aging effects
Bare Feet Benefits
Going Barefoot Has Anti-Aging Effects

Here's how losing your shoes and going barefoot can slow the process of aging and keep you young forever.

How Alcohol Affects Feet Alcoholic Neuropathy
Booze Clues
How Alcohol Affects Feet: Alcoholic Neuropathy & More

Find out how alcohol affects your feet, from alcoholic neuropathy to edema and more.

Wash Feet Foot Bath
Clean Feet
Why You Should Be Washing Your Feet Every Day

Find out why it's important to wash your feet every day, as well as why you should actually skip out on daily showering.

Stinky Feet Causes Smelly Feet Remedies
Oh So Smelly
Stinky Feet Causes And Quick Remedies

Learn the common causes of stinky feet and remedies that quickly help clear up the embarrassing condition.

Smelly Feet During Pregnancy Is A Real Thing
Pepé Le Pew!
Smelly Feet During Pregnancy Is A Real Thing

An unexpected something to expect when you’re expecting is smelly pregnancy feet.

Calluses Symptom Sign Oesophageal Cancer Tylosis
Cancer Check
Are Your Foot Calluses A Sign Of Cancer?

Scientists have discovered that some foot calluses are actually caused by oesophageal cancer.

4 Scary Health Effects Sugar Has On Your Feet
Too Sweet
How Sugar Is Slowly Killing Your Feet

You may be surprised at the ways sugar is affecting your foot health.


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