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Believe it or not, the feet really are the health center of the body. Many serious diseases and health conditions show their first signs and symptoms on the feet. Conversely, proper foot maintenance is extremely important when one already has certain illnesses, such as diabetes. So here’s all you need to know about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of foot disorders, from achilles tendonitis to plantar warts, bunions to toenail fungus and everything in between.

Ingrown Toenail Removal: How To Properly Cut Out An Ingrowing Nail
Cut It Out
The Proper Way to Cut Out an Ingrown Toenail At Home

Here's how to trim an ingrown toenail the right way.

Home Remedies For Yellow Toenails, Foot Balancing Lemon
Mellow Yellow
Yellow Toenails: Home Remedies That Blast Through The Yellow

Try these simple tricks to get your yellow nails back to their normal color.

What Is the Difference Between a Corn and a Callus
Corns vs Calluses
What Is the Difference Between a Corn and a Callus?

Contrary to popular belief, corns and calluses are not the same thing. Read on so you can differentiate the two and better know how to treat them.

Sad Woman Wearing Heels, Embarrassing Foot Issues Tackled
Little Chop of Horrors
6 Totally Embarrassing Foot Problems Tackled

Banish nasty foot problems once and for all.

Woman Kicking Her Foot and Leg In Swimming Pool Water
Sink or Swim
Foot Care Tips For Swimming Pool Trips

Find out how to keep your feet safe during pool time.

Footbath for hard skin, corns and calluses
Tough Enough
How to Remove Hard Foot Skin and Calluses

When cream just won’t cut it, these methods will help you get rid of stubborn calluses.

Barefoot Woman Lying In A Field Of Spring Flowers
Bloom and Doom
Spring and Summer Pedicures: Health Dangers You Need To Know

Sandal season may bring fun and sun, but it also brings hidden nail salon dangers.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Toenail Fungus Removal
The Pros and Cons of Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

All you need to know about laser eradication of nail fungus.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment: Powerful Home Remedies
Pain Relief
Ingrown Toenail Treatment: Powerful Home Remedies

Find instant pain relief with these easy to follow ingrown toenail treatment steps.

Skin cracks on heels
Goodbye, Dry
How to Cure a Cracked, Dry Heel Fissure

The ultimate guide to permanently getting rid of cracked, dry feet.


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