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Pain Relief Your shoes are worn out OR you own athletic shoes.

When To Replace Shoes 7 Signs You Need A New Pair Stat
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Obviously you need new shoes if your current footwear is falling apart, developing tears or holes, have worn treads, or if they’re losing their structure. But many people don’t realize that shoes can be worn out LONG before wear and tear signs appear.


One sign your shoes are worn out is if they lean to one side when you put them on a flat surface. Another is if you’ve had them too long. Even if they look like they’re in great shape, shoes begin to break down and lose their supportive structure over time, especially athletic shoes.

The general rule of thumb with trainers is if you log 40 miles per month in your gym shoes either walking or running, then you need a new pair each year. If you log a little less, you can stretch it to up to two years. If you log a little more, then you’re safer swapping out your athletic shoes every six months or so.

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Kambra Clifford

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