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We live in a shoe-obsessed world, so arm yourself with all there is to know about them. From how to properly measure your feet for shoes, to whether or not wearing high heels really is dangerous, to the way in which footwear can affect your overall health, you’ll find everything shoe related here. 

Feet Wearing Flip Flops in the Grass
Health Hazard
A Handle on Sandals: Is the Summer Shoe Bad For You?

Summer shoes and sandals may be more dangerous than you think.

Nakefit Stick On Soles Replace Flip Flops As Summer Shoe
Summer Footwear
Nakefit Stick On Soles To Replace Flip Flops?

Waterproof, slip-proof and heat resistant stick on soles by Nakefit just may replace flip flops as your go-to summer footwear choice.

How To Pack Shoes Packing Tips For Footwear
Suitcase Savers
How To Pack Shoes: Packing Tips For Footwear

Follow these footwear packing tips to protect your shoes and save space.

driving shoes shouldn't be sneakers
Driving Shoes
Why You Should Never Drive In Sneakers — Seriously

Find out why driving in running shoes is just as dangerous as driving in heels and flip flops.

Marion Park Luxury Comfortable High Heels
Truly Comfortable Heels
Marion Parke Shoes Truly Make Comfort Fashionable

Podiatrist turned designer Marion Parke has a luxury shoe line filled with killer heels that look stylish but feel like custom orthotics.

Shoe Cabinet Care How To Keep Shoe Storage Fresh
Shoe Storage
How To Keep A Shoe Cabinet Fresh

Tips for keeping your shoe cabinet clean, organized and smelling fresh.

adidas introduces innovative eco-friendly running shoes
Earth Friendly
Adidas Introduces Innovative Eco-Friendly Running Shoes

In a push to be more eco-innovative, adidas has released dissolvable Futurecraft Biofabric shoes and ocean friendly UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley shoes.

Cushioned Maratown Sneakers Are Super Comfortable
Walking On Air
Maratown Shoes Are Cloud 9 For Your Feet

Find out why comfortable shoe enthusiasts are raving about Maratown sneakers.

How to Get Stinky Flats Smelling Fresh
Wreck the Reek
How to Get Stinky Flats To Smell Fresh

Try these tips and tricks to get over the odor of your flats and ballerina slippers.

What Look For When Buying Socks
Happy In Socks
What To Look For When Buying Socks

Buying socks isn't as boring as it seems, especially when you follow this sock shopping guide!


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