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We live in a shoe-obsessed world, so arm yourself with all there is to know about them. From how to properly measure your feet for shoes, to whether or not wearing high heels really is dangerous, to the way in which footwear can affect your overall health, you’ll find everything shoe related here. 

How to Properly Measure Your Feet Brannock Device
Perfect Fit
The Right Way To Measure Your Feet

Learn how to correctly measure your feet so you can choose the right shoe size and permanently end all your foot problems and pain.

How to Stretch and Increase the Size of Tight Shoes
It's a Stretch
How to Increase the Size of Tight Shoes

A blow dryer, freezer ziplock bag, shoe stretcher and alcohol are just a few random items that can stretch out shoes, boots and sandals that are too tight.

Large foot stomping over a fake city
Huge News
Why Our Feet Just Keep Getting Bigger

Find out what's to blame for turning human beings into Bigfoot.


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