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Treat your feet to these ultimate beauty tips and rituals meant to make you feel relaxed and beautiful from heel to toe. From pedicures, peels and scrubs that remove calluses and give you baby soft feet, to glamorous nail polish and design trends, to the best shoes to wear to avoid bunions while still looking stylish: This is where you’ll find all of the world's best beauty tips for feet. 

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Cosmetic Foot Care, Shoes, Nail Design

Dry Foot Skin Exfoliation with Salt
Dry Skin Remedies
10 Ways To Remove Dead Skin From Feet

Follow these easy foot care tips to remove dead skin cells from your feet and leave your rough soles and toes feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

How To Pack Shoes Packing Tips For Footwear
Suitcase Savers
How To Pack Shoes: Packing Tips For Footwear

Follow these footwear packing tips to protect your shoes and save space.

American Manicure: A Stylish Update On The Classic French
Born Free
American Manicure: A Stylish Update on the Classic French

American manicures and pedicures gives their classic French counterparts a stylish, modern twist.

Be the Shoe Book Kathy Kelada
Shoe-Based Personality Quiz
Fun Book Shows How A Shoe Choice Can Define Your Life

Using shoes as a metaphor for life, Kathy Kelada's new book, Be The Shoe, gives women a fresh perspective on their lives and inspires them to pursue goals with ease, style, and the right footwear choice.

Cure Weak Brittle Nails With Quick Orange Garlic Olive Oil Soak
Healthy Nail Care
Fast Cure To Strengthen Brittle Nails

Kiss your weak, brittle nails goodbye with this quick and easy DIY nail strengthener.

Activated Charcoal Foot Mask
Black Magic
Why You Should Try An Activated Charcoal Foot Mask

Activated charcoal foot masks have the ability to detox, smooth and relax your tired feet.

The Difference Between A Spa Pedicure And A Regular Pedicure
Pedicure Basics
Spa Or Regular Pedicure — Which is Best?

Learn what makes a spa pedicure worth the extra cost.

driving shoes shouldn't be sneakers
Driving Shoes
Why You Should Never Drive In Sneakers — Seriously

Find out why driving in running shoes is just as dangerous as driving in heels and flip flops.

Marion Park Luxury Comfortable High Heels
Truly Comfortable Heels
Marion Parke Shoes Truly Make Comfort Fashionable

Podiatrist turned designer Marion Parke has a luxury shoe line filled with killer heels that look stylish but feel like custom orthotics.

DIY Pedicure Mistakes To Avoid
Error Of Your Ways
11 DIY Pedicure Mistakes To Avoid

Learn the common pedicure mistakes to avoid when aiming for the perfect DIY pedi.


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