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Treat your feet to these ultimate beauty tips and rituals meant to make you feel relaxed and beautiful from heel to toe. From pedicures, peels and scrubs that remove calluses and give you baby soft feet, to glamorous nail polish and design trends, to the best shoes to wear to avoid bunions while still looking stylish: This is where you’ll find all of the world's best beauty tips for feet. 

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Cosmetic Foot Care, Shoes, Nail Design

What Are The Different Types Of Pedicures, And Which Pedicure Options Are Best
Pedicure Options
What Are The Different Types Of Pedicures; Which Is Best?

We break down your pedicure options, from athletic, fish, ice cream pedicures and beyond.

Woman getting a medical pedicure
Money Matters
How Much Should I Tip For A Pedicure?

Take our two cents when it comes to tootsie tip tactics.

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Shoes
Myth Busters
The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Shoes

Are you guilty of these footwear fibs?

10 Retro Shoes From The 90s We Would Totally Wear Again
As If!
10 Hideous 90s Shoes We Would Totally Wear Again

This one time, at band camp, all the kids wore Dr. Martens and Fluevogs.

8 Life Changing Beauty Hacks That Give Lazy Girls Pretty Feet
Hack Attack
8 Life Changing Beauty Hacks For Pretty Feet

Easy peasy tricks to give even the laziest girls gorgeous feet.

Splatter Ombre Graffiti Polka Dots Scotch Tape Sharpie Nail Art Tricks
Look Ma: All Hands!
Super Simple DIY Nail Art Design Ideas

These lazy girl fingernail and toenail art hacks are actually really, really easy.

High Heel Shoes For Women With Bunions And Hammertoes
Couture Comfort
FINALLY: Sexy Shoes That Don’t Cause Bunions and Foot Pain

Think you can’t sport stilettos without exacerbating foot problems? Think again.

Elderly Couple Taking A Shopping Break
Don’t Be Trippin’
Help Prevent Elderly Falls With These Safe Shoe Tips

Follow these guidelines when shopping for geriatric shoes.

5 Tropical Fruit Fixes For Corns Calluses Heel Fissures and Dry Skin
Sweet Treat
5 Tropical Fruit Fixes for Calluses, Corns and Heel Fissures

These tropical fruit remedies will clear up corns, calluses and heel fissures faster than you can make a smoothie.

naturally pretty feet with French pedicure
Beauty Tips
7 Simple Steps for Naturally Pretty Feet

Here's how to get your feet looking perfectly pretty in no time.


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