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Treat your feet to these ultimate beauty tips and rituals meant to make you feel relaxed and beautiful from heel to toe. From pedicures, peels and scrubs that remove calluses and give you baby soft feet, to glamorous nail polish and design trends, to the best shoes to wear to avoid bunions while still looking stylish: This is where you’ll find all of the world's best beauty tips for feet. 

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Cosmetic Foot Care, Shoes, Nail Design

She's Usually All Dolled Up But Barbie Is Wearing Flats Now
Flat Out Fabulous
She's Still Dolled Up, But Barbie Is Now Wearing Flats

Barbie has stepped out with a new (and much healthier) shoe look.

Woman's Feet In Basin Of Orchid Flower Water
Au Naturel
A Natural, Organic At-Home Pedicure for Beautiful Feet

Skip unsafe and toxic salon pedicures and opt instead for this all-natural, organic pedicure you can easily do on your own.

Brunette Woman Biting On Her Fingernails
Nail 911
7 Nasty Habits That Are Ruining Your Nails

Playing with your cuticles, using acetone polish remover and following the gel and glitter trends are just a few things secretly destroying your nails.

The Miraculously Quick Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish
Glitter Be Gone
The Quickest, Easiest Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

This foolproof removal method makes tough polish instantly disappear.

How to Properly Measure Your Feet Brannock Device
Perfect Fit
The Right Way To Measure Your Feet

Learn how to correctly measure your feet so you can choose the right shoe size and permanently end all your foot problems and pain.

Using a toe spacer to paint the toes red
Shocking Secrets Your Nail Salon Is Keeping

From diluting expensive products to sterilization hacks, these are some of the horrible secrets nail salons keep.

How to Stretch and Increase the Size of Tight Shoes
It's a Stretch
How to Increase the Size of Tight Shoes

A blow dryer, freezer ziplock bag, shoe stretcher and alcohol are just a few random items that can stretch out shoes, boots and sandals that are too tight.

The Best Way to Apply Nail Rhinestones, Studs and Charms
All That Glitters
The Best Way to Apply Nail Jewelry

The best tips on how to achieve long-lasting sparkle on your nails.

Amlactin Foot Cream Review
Thirst Quenching
AmLactin Foot Cream: Miracle Cure for Dry Feet and Calluses?

The good, the bad and the lovely about AmLactin creams.

Woman Giving Herself A Pedicure
Beauty Tips
How to Do a French Pedicure at Home: Six Easy Steps

These simple steps show you how to give yourself a classic, inexpensive DIY French pedicure.


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