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Treat your feet to these ultimate beauty tips and rituals meant to make you feel relaxed and beautiful from heel to toe. From pedicures, peels and scrubs that remove calluses and give you baby soft feet, to glamorous nail polish and design trends, to the best shoes to wear to avoid bunions while still looking stylish: This is where you’ll find all of the world's best beauty tips for feet. 

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Cosmetic Foot Care, Shoes, Nail Design

Poolside Cocktail, Colorful Manicure and Pedicure
Hue Can Do It
A Cute and Easy Summer Nail Trick For Lazy Girls

Try this multi-colored mani or pedi technique to brighten up your summer nails.

Feet Wearing Flip Flops in the Grass
Health Hazard
A Handle on Sandals: Is the Summer Shoe Bad For You?

Summer shoes and sandals may be more dangerous than you think.

Woman With Purple Pedicure At the Beach
A Shore Thing
How To Keep Your Pedicure Fresh At The Beach

Make sure the seaside doesn’t let your pedi fall by the wayside.

Woman Sitting On A Ledge Holding Her High Heels
Full Bloom
Winter Rehab: Perfect Pedicure Picks For Spring

The pedi tricks will have your feet spring ready in a breeze.

17 High Heel Problems All Women Understand
Stiletto Secrets
17 High Heel Problems All Women Relate To

Ditching your heels under the table, carrying backup flats and buying stilettos you’ll never wear?!

Perfect Feet According To Men
Modern Cinderella
Man’s Perfect Woman Has This Type of Foot

Men have a shoe size, shoe type and nail polish color they prefer on the female physical attractiveness scale.

Is It Okay To Get A Pedicure While Pregnant
Pregnancy Tips
Is It Okay To Get A Pedicure While Pregnant?

Getting a pedicure while pregnant is totally safe, as long as expectant mothers follow a few basic guidelines while they’re in the spa.

How To Wear Toe Rings
Foot Jewelry
How To Wear A Toe Ring

Here’s how to wear a toe ring in a current, stylish, and comfortable way.

Nakefit Stick On Soles Replace Flip Flops As Summer Shoe
Summer Footwear
Nakefit Stick On Soles To Replace Flip Flops?

Waterproof, slip-proof and heat resistant stick on soles by Nakefit just may replace flip flops as your go-to summer footwear choice.

how to use nail clippers the right way
Nail Cutting Like A Pro
How To Use Nail Clippers — The Right Way

Most people don't know how to use nail clippers the right way, leading to peeling, ridges and splitting. Here’s how to properly trim your nails.


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