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Ever felt like getting frisky with your feet? Wanna know all about foot fetishism, foot worship, foot cuddling and all the intimate details of what it’s like to be or to date someone with a foot fetish? Our Let’s Talk About section is just for you. From quizzes that reveal whether or not you have a foot fetish to information on what your walking style reveals about your intimate life, you’ll find all your foot-related dating, relationship and sex advice right here.

Women Walking In A Shopping Mall
Walk On The Wild Side
What Your Walking Style Reveals About Your Sex Life And More

Your stride can reveal how many orgasms you’ve had and whether or not you’re likely to die young.

The Benefits of Foot Cuddling
Love Notes
How Touching Feet Improves Relationships

Touching toes in bed is a sign of a strong, romantic bond.


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