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As your online podiatrist, the health of your feet is very important to us. Therefore, we'll help you achieve healthy and pain free toes, heels and soles with tips on preventing and fighting typical diseases and conditions that affect the feet like warts, calluses, ingrown nails, sweaty feet, cracked heels and nail mycosis. But this section is not just medical: Articles on footwear, massage, proper maintenance and care also assist in keeping your feet in their healthiest condition.

What Causes Toe Cramps Toe Spasms Muscle Cramps
Muscle Spasm Help
What Causes Toe Cramps? Toe Spasms Explained

Find out what causes toe cramps and learn simple ways you can help relieve muscle cramping and prevent future toe spasms.

going barefoot benefits anti-aging effects
Bare Feet Benefits
Going Barefoot Has Anti-Aging Effects

Here's how losing your shoes and going barefoot can slow the process of aging and keep you young forever.

are you shopping for your foot type
In Shape
Are You Shopping For Your Foot Type?

Here's why it's SO important to know your foot type before you buy another pair of shoes.

How To Use Basil As Pain Relief For Arthritis
Arthritis Treatment
How To Use Basil As Pain Relief For Arthritis

Find out how basil, a natural anti-inflammatory herb, can help relieve arthritis pain in your hands and feet.

How Alcohol Affects Feet Alcoholic Neuropathy
Booze Clues
How Alcohol Affects Feet: Alcoholic Neuropathy & More

Find out how alcohol affects your feet, from alcoholic neuropathy to edema and more.

Wash Feet Foot Bath
Clean Feet
Why You Should Be Washing Your Feet Every Day

Find out why it's important to wash your feet every day, as well as why you should actually skip out on daily showering.

Back Pain Relief Walking Barefoot May Reduce Suffering
Sans Shoes
Back Pain Relief: Walking Barefoot May Reduce Suffering

Simply removing your shoes has the potential to cure back pain.

Gym Workouts Bad For Women Who Wear High Heels
Shoe Smarts
Why Gym Workouts Are Bad For High Heel Fans

Find out why most gym workouts are actually bad for women who love to wear high heels.

Woman In a Pink Skirt Holding Her Foot In Pain
Numb One, Numb All
Foot Numbing Sprays Promise To Cure Foot Pain

Can foot numbing sprays give high heel pain the boot?

Stinky Feet Causes Smelly Feet Remedies
Oh So Smelly
Stinky Feet Causes And Quick Remedies

Learn the common causes of stinky feet and remedies that quickly help clear up the embarrassing condition.


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