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As your online podiatrist, the health of your feet is very important to us. Therefore, we'll help you achieve healthy and pain free toes, heels and soles with tips on preventing and fighting typical diseases and conditions that affect the feet like warts, calluses, ingrown nails, sweaty feet, cracked heels and nail mycosis. But this section is not just medical: Articles on footwear, massage, proper maintenance and care also assist in keeping your feet in their healthiest condition.

Foot Gymnastics For Kids: Fun Exercises and Games
Kicks & Tricks
Gymnastics Games That Strengthen Kids’ Feet

Foot gymnastics for kids is both fun and healthy!

Smelly Feet During Pregnancy Is A Real Thing
Pepé Le Pew!
Smelly Feet During Pregnancy Is A Real Thing

An unexpected something to expect when you’re expecting is smelly pregnancy feet.

20 Inspirational Reasons To Start Running Now
Running Benefits
20 Reasons to Start Running Now

A killer bod and sensational sex life are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits you'll get if you start running now.

Mom Cutting A Baby's Toenails
Infant Care
How To Cut Your Baby’s Nails

The ultimate guide to trimming infant fingernails and toenails.

What Is A Podiatrist and What Does A Podiatrist Do
Foot Doctor 411
What Is A Podiatrist? What Does A Podiatrist Do?

Find out exactly what a podiatrist is and which foot issues podiatrists are qualified to help you with.

The Lifesaving Secrets Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Health
Foot Whisperer
The Life-Saving Secrets Your Feet May Be Telling You

Your feet hold the key to your overall health.

Calluses Symptom Sign Oesophageal Cancer Tylosis
Cancer Check
Are Your Foot Calluses A Sign Of Cancer?

Scientists have discovered that some foot calluses are actually caused by oesophageal cancer.

Crystal Healing For Your Feet And Beyond
Relief Carved In Stone?
Crystal Healing For Your Feet And Beyond

Here's why you might want to try uber popular crystal healing to help your foot issues.

How To Safely Walk On Ice And Slippery Surfaces In Winter Weather
Winter Weather Walking
How To Walk Safely On Ice And Slippery Surfaces

These tips will help keep you safe!

4 Scary Health Effects Sugar Has On Your Feet
Too Sweet
How Sugar Is Slowly Killing Your Feet

You may be surprised at the ways sugar is affecting your foot health.


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