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As your online podiatrist, the health of your feet is very important to us. Therefore, we'll help you achieve healthy and pain free toes, heels and soles with tips on preventing and fighting typical diseases and conditions that affect the feet like warts, calluses, ingrown nails, sweaty feet, cracked heels and nail mycosis. But this section is not just medical: Articles on footwear, massage, proper maintenance and care also assist in keeping your feet in their healthiest condition.

Back To School Shoes: Six Tips On Buying The Perfect Kids Shoes
Easy As 1,2,3
Back To School: 6 Tips On Buying Perfect Kids’ Shoes

Shop for back to school shoes with confidence.

Study Shows Special Unloading Shoes Don't Help Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
Health News
Osteoarthritis Knee Pain? Study Says Special Shoes Don’t Help

Specialty shoes don't help knee pain as much as doctors once thought.

Blisters On Feet 6 Home Remedies For Foot Blisters
DIY Treatment
Blisters On Feet: 6 Home Remedies For Foot Blisters

Oust the ouch with these tried and true blister-removal methods.

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Earthing Walking Barefoot
Bare Feet
7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Earthing (Walking Barefoot)

Find out how walking barefoot can improve your life and wellbeing.

The Truth About Toe Stretchers Yoga Toes and Foot Pain
Stretch It Out
Yoga Toes Really DO Help Foot Pain

Find out if you should stretch your wallet for toe separators.

Women's Feet On The Beach With Drawing Made From Sunscreen
Under Cover
Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen On Your Feet, Too!

It turns out, your tootsies need plenty of sun protection, too.

Reduce And Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy Pain
Nerves of Steel
10 Ways To Reduce And Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Taking warms baths and controlling blood sugar are just two ways you can eliminate diabetes related pain.

DIY Summertime Foot Scrubs Kids Can Make Themselves
Scrub A Dub
5 Summertime DIY Foot Scrubs — For Kids!

A summertime activity for kids that keeps their feet in great shape.

Home Remedies For Gout Powerful Treatment and Relief
Gout Diet & More
Home Remedies For Gout: Powerful Treatment and Relief

It's all about diet when it comes to naturally treating and preventing gout.

Ingrown Toenail Removal: How To Properly Cut Out An Ingrowing Nail
Cut It Out
The Proper Way to Cut Out an Ingrown Toenail At Home

Here's how to trim an ingrown toenail the right way.


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