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As your online podiatrist, the health of your feet is very important to us. Therefore, we'll help you achieve healthy and pain free toes, heels and soles with tips on preventing and fighting typical diseases and conditions that affect the feet like warts, calluses, ingrown nails, sweaty feet, cracked heels and nail mycosis. But this section is not just medical: Articles on footwear, massage, proper maintenance and care also assist in keeping your feet in their healthiest condition.

Your Sore Knees, Hips and Back Pain Could Be Caused By Your Feet
Pain Relief
Sore Knees, Hips and Back Caused By Your Feet?

Are your feet to blame for bodily pain?

How Mayofascial Trigger Point Therapy Cures Pain And Injuries
Knot’s Landing
How Mayofascial Trigger Point Therapy Cures Pain

The cure for stiff, painful muscle knots.

Home Remedies For Yellow Toenails, Foot Balancing Lemon
Mellow Yellow
Yellow Toenails: Home Remedies That Blast Through The Yellow

Try these simple tricks to get your yellow nails back to their normal color.

Barefoot Girl Walking In Field With Basket and Teddy Bear
Something Bugging You?
How To Prevent And Treat Insect Bites In Children

Don’t let the bedbugs bite… or any spring and summer insects, for that matter.

What Is the Difference Between a Corn and a Callus
Corns vs Calluses
What Is the Difference Between a Corn and a Callus?

Contrary to popular belief, corns and calluses are not the same thing. Read on so you can differentiate the two and better know how to treat them.

4 Foot Exercises That Reduce Back Pain and Work Your Core
The Fantastic Four
Fat Blasting Foot Exercises That Reduce Back Pain

Miracle foot moves that banish pain and blast extra belly weight.

Achilles Tendon Pain: Find Out If Yours Is Tendonitis Or Tendonosis
Pain Relief
Achilles Tendon Pain: Tendonitis Or Tendonosis?

How to treat and tell the difference between Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendinosis.

Sock-Line Hyperpigmentation
Foot Care Facts
Sock-line Hyperpigmentation: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention

Get the facts about sock-line hyperpigmentation, a condition found in both adults and babies.

Sad Woman Wearing Heels, Embarrassing Foot Issues Tackled
Little Chop of Horrors
6 Totally Embarrassing Foot Problems Tackled

Banish nasty foot problems once and for all.

Savvy Society Shoes Aim To Get Girls Excited About Science
Little Engineers That Could
Savvy Society Shoes Get Girls Excited About Science

A new shoe company hopes to get girls more interested in STEM subjects.


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