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Stress Test Cold Feet

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There are many causes of cold feet, and stress is one of the most common. It affects the body by secreting hormones into your bloodstream that have the ability to activate your “fight or flight” response — which draws blood away from your extremities and pumps it into other areas like your brain and lungs.


cold winter feet in socks

Foot Fix: Having cold feet and hands is generally harmless, and the sensation usually lasts about 20 minutes after an initial stressor causes it. You can speed up the “rewarming” process by deep breathing, which helps calm your body and return blood flow to normal.

Overall Fix: In addition to breathing exercises and reducing stress, anyone who frequently experiences cold hands and feet should visit a health professional. In rare cases, the sensation could be caused by an underlying condition such as poor circulation or Raynaud’s phenomenon

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Kambra Clifford

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