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Our feet are under a lot of demand and need rest and recovery. Foot reflexology, acupuncture, soothing massages and footbaths give sore, tired feet the relaxation, renewed energy and pampering they require. As any podiatrist would say, what’s good for the soul is good for the sole!

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Spring Break Beach Party
Feet Gone Wild
Common Spring Break Foot Hazards

These spring break tips will keep your feet safe and healthy, no matter your spring fling.

Socks Can Boost Your Libido and Help With Orgasms, Too
WT ... S?
Socks Boost Your Libido + Help With Orgasms, Too!

How one of the world’s most unsexy clothing items leads to better sex.

Ballerina Feet Footcare Routine
Pretty Ballerina
Watch What It Takes To Have Perfect Ballerina Feet

New York City Ballet dancer Lauren Lovette reveals the foot care routine she uses to keep her ballerina feet at the height of perfection.

Super Yummy Foot Soaks To Nourish Dry Skin
Delicious DIY Foot Soaks
Yummy Foot Soaks That Nourish Dry Skin

Is it weird to say footbaths never tasted so good?

Roller Skates On A Skating Rink
Stayin’ Alive
The Roller Coaster History of Roller Skating

Find out what happened to roller skating, the sport’s place in pop culture history, and 12 amusing tidbits about skates and roller skating.

Sports Massage Facts When To Get One What It Is
Massage Techniques
Sports Massage Facts: What It Is, When To Get One

A sports massage isn’t just for athletes. The invigorating, healing massage technique helps treat chronic muscle pain and can assist in healing injuries.

Advice: How Do I Tell My Partner I Have A Foot Fetish
Sex & Intimacy
How Do I Tell My Partner I Have A Foot Fetish?

A step-by-step guide to revealing you have a foot fetish without scaring your partner away.

Flower Milk Bath For Legs And Feet
Milky Dreams
Why You Should Give Your Feet A Milk Bath

Spoil your feet with this softening milk bath, and you’ll see why everyone is making a fuss over milk foot soaks.

Throw A Girls Night In Pedicure Party
Literally Nail Ladies Night
Throw A Girls Night In Pedicure Party

Staying in is the new going out, and this pedicure party is the ultimate way to follow the latest social trend.

DIY Foot Scrubs Homemade With Ease
Scrubs For Pretty Feet
7 DIY Foot Scrubs, Homemade With Ease

From a strawberry sugar foot scrub to a coffee and oatmeal pick-me-up, here are 7 DIY foot scrubs you can easily make at home.


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