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Our feet are under a lot of demand and need rest and recovery. Foot reflexology, acupuncture, soothing massages and footbaths give sore, tired feet the relaxation, renewed energy and pampering they require. As any podiatrist would say, what’s good for the soul is good for the sole!

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Benefits of Fangotherapy Mud Baths
Mud Buddies
Why Bathing in Mud Is Oh-So Good For You

Find out why you should strip down and get dirty for a fangotherapy mud bath.

Quiz: Do I Have A Foot Fetish?
Do I Have A Foot Fetish?

Find out if you truly have a foot fetish via this Foot Fetish Quiz.

It’s Perfectly Legal to go Barefoot in Public Stores and Restaurants
No Shoes, No Service? No Way!
Is It Legal To Go Barefoot In Public Stores And Restaurants?

US and state Health Department codes DO NOT ban being barefoot in public.

Man Being Hypnotized By A Hypnotherapist
Pain, Pain Go Away
Does Pain Management Hypnotism Really Work?

Find out if hypnosis can bring a sense of relief to your chronic health condition.

Couple Indulging In Hydrotherapy Foot Baths
Water Therapy
Hydrotherapy: Benefits Of Contrast Foot Baths

Discover the benefits of hydrotherapy, a treatment that uses hot and cold water to stimulate healing.

Sex Themed Brazilian Amusement Park Erotikaland Foot Fetish
Foot Fetish Fantasy?
Sex-Themed Amusement Park Planned For Brazil

ErotikaLand, a new adults-only theme park, is set to give a whole new meaning to thrill rides.

How Your Feet Can Cure Insomnia and Lead to Better Sleep
Feet and Toezzz...
How Your Feet Can Help You Sleep Better

Forget counting sheep. All you need to fall asleep quick is this simple foot trick.

Family Going On A Hike
Into the Woods
How To Prevent Common Hiking Injuries

Check out this hiking injury prevention guide before you hit the trail.

Hipster Vacation Essentials
Vacation Foot Care: How To Avoid Sore, Tired Feet

Find out how to keep your feet feeling great while traveling — at the airport, hotel, beach and beyond.

Woman Using An At-Home Massage Device
Shopping Tips
How To Find The Right Foot Massage Device For You

Find out what to look for when buying at-home foot massagers.


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