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Our feet are under a lot of demand and need rest and recovery. Foot reflexology, acupuncture, soothing massages and footbaths give sore, tired feet the relaxation, renewed energy and pampering they require. As any podiatrist would say, what’s good for the soul is good for the sole!

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Foot Baths, Foot massages, Relaxation, Let's Talk About

Women Walking In A Shopping Mall
Walk On The Wild Side
What Your Walking Style Reveals About Your Sex Life And More

Your stride can reveal how many orgasms you’ve had and whether or not you’re likely to die young.

The Benefits of Foot Cuddling
Love Notes
How Touching Feet Improves Relationships

Touching toes in bed is a sign of a strong, romantic bond.

8 Essential Additions That Boost Your DIY Foot Soaks
Splish Splash
8 Essential Additions That Boost DIY Foot Soaks

Rev up the healing power of your foot soaks with these foot bath necessities.

Healing Powers of Foot Soaks
Practical Soak
The Healing Benefits of Foot Baths: Ultimate Tranquility

Immerse your feet in a hot bath to heal colds, pelvic pain, headaches and more.

Feet Covered in a Homemade Mud Bath Treatment
Dirt For Hurt
DIY Mud Baths For Ultimate Detoxification and Healing

Here's how to use bentonite clay, Epsom salts, cocoa and more for DIY homemade mud baths that detox, heal and create an inexpensive soothing spa experience.

The Miraculous Benefits of an Ayurveda Foot Massage
Ancient Therapy
The Miraculous Power of an Ayurveda Foot Massage

Find out how an ancient Indian massage technique can heal and revitalize your entire body.

Feet Getting a Massage
Special Delivery
Foot Massage Benefits That May Shock You

Soothing foot rubs can help you sleep better, improve your sex life and more.

How to Give an Amazing Foot Massage
Sole Satisfaction
How to Give An Amazing Foot Massage

Tips and tricks on delivering the most memorable foot rub <i>ever</i>.

foot soaks to help stinky feet (bromodosis)
Stink Bombs
6 Foot Soaks For Smelly Feet

These foot soaks eliminate embarrassing sweat and odor causing bacteria to get your stinky feet smelling fresh.

Foot stretching on roller
Pain Relief
Exercises and Yoga Stretches to Help Bunions

Try these quick moves to get your feet and toes back in normal working condition.


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